Dr. Kania and his staff supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Written by Dr. Kania on November 17, 2017

October 30th was Breast Cancer Awareness Day at Castle Rock Dental! Our staff was all wearing pink, even Dr. Kania! Any patient’s seen on that day received a pink carnation. We care about our patients’ overall health!

Year End Benefits Reminder

Written by Dr. Kania on November 9, 2015

If you or a family member are overdue for your professional cleaning and exam, or if you may have unscheduled dental treatment needed please contact Kathy and Kathleen at 608-847-5572 today to schedule a visit.

January appointments are now available.  If you’ve delayed dental treatment because your 2015 benefits were exhausted earlier in the year, let’s put it on the 2016 calendar.

As the calendar all-too-quickly approaches 2016, we would like to remind you that the end of the 2015 calendar year also marks the

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Dr. Kania – Larger than Life

Written by Dr. Kania on September 8, 2015

Even 15-months after Dr. Chris Kania, a Mauston, WI dentist, opened Castle Rock Dental, some area residents are still unaware that Dr. Kania is back.  These billboards (not the one with the root beer float; the other one) will hopefully get the good news out to those who are interested in the exceptional care that Dr. Kania and the team at Castle Rock Dental are known to provide!  Contact Us today to schedule your New Patient Visit!






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Castle Rock Dental Partners with CIGNA Dental Insurance

Written by Dr. Kania on August 17, 2015



August 17, 2015

Castle Rock Dental, a Mauston, WI Dentist office, has reached an agreement with Cigna Dental as a DPPO Advantage dentist.  With this new relationship, patients have the ability to come to Castle Rock Dental for maximum Cigna Dental benefits.

“Our team works very hard to help our patients use their dental benefits to their fullest; no matter what commercial insurance plan they have.  This agreement with Cigna streamlines the process and is another step toward helping more people to

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Great Technology for Your Convenience

Written by Dr. Kania on April 17, 2015

Castle Rock Dental has a great system to help our patients to keep track of their scheduled visits as well as the need for an upcoming hygiene appointment!  Here are a few examples of how it could work well for you:

Let’s say you make your next appointment with one of our hygienists for six-months from today.  At most offices, you’d get a card with the date written on the back in hopes that you tape it to a paper calendar or

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Hug Your Hygienist this Month!

Written by Dr. Kania on October 1, 2014

The American Dental Hygiene Association’s National Dental Hygiene Month is upon us.  The ADHA is on a  mission to create awareness about the benefits of good oral health.  Please review the ADHA webiste  and feel free to talk to our expert dental team about ways to keep your family’s mouths healthy.  A lifetime of healthy, natural teeth is our goal for every patient we serve!

A great smile is always in style!

Written by Dr. Kania on August 29, 2014


Dr. Kania and our expert clinical team are skilled in cosmetic dentistry.  From full veneers to Invisalign to simple whitening, we have the ability to change the way you feel about your smile.  Call us today to schedule a private consultation and see how you can improve your smile.

Warm Welcome

Written by Dr. Kania on July 28, 2014

When I returned to the area, I was hoping a few of the kind folks that I had known years ago would remember me.  I am so humbled by the warm welcome I’ve received from the great people here.  Whether I’m in the office working with patients, visiting a local business, or reading Facebook comments that my team shows me, your genuine feedback has meant so much to me.  I’ve enjoyed meeting Dr. Newman’s patients, seeing so many new faces coming in, and

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More on the Three Day New Patient Program

Written by castlerock-ad on June 27, 2014

Of special note on our site is the groundbreaking “Three Day New Patient….because a great first impression shouldn’t take three weeks!” It is our goal to make each and every patient understand that they are truly our priority. My team and I feel that without a great first impression, we’d get off on the wrong foot. Our existing patients have the luxury of scheduling their visits up to six-months in advance, so what better way to get started than invite

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